Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The technology in the world

The Technology in the World.

We live in a world where technology dictates the pace of progress and patterns of life, in other

words, we live in a world shaped by technology. In our daily life is pervasive technology.
The idea of ​​progress, as we understand today, is closely associated with the idea of ​​technology, and therefore the idea of ​​science and technology.
These three key words, science, technology and technology related to specific activities of man are inextricably linked to the world we live in a more artificial than natural, a world created by man in his desire to master the forces of change nature.
Technology is the other independent variable strongly influences the organizational characteristics (dependent variables).
Besides the environmental impact, there is the impact of technology on organizations. All organizations use some form of technology to run their operations and perform their tasks.

The technology adopted may be rough and rudimentary (such as grooming and cleaning through the brush or broom) can also be sophisticated (such as data processing by computer.)
All organizations rely on a technology or an array of technologies to operate and achieve their goals from a purely administrative point of view, technology is seen as something that develops predominantly in organizations in general and in
companies in particular through the accumulated knowledge and developed on the meaning and implementation of tasks (Know How) and its consequent physical manifestations (machines, equipment, facilities) that constitute a vast complex of techniques used in transforming inputs received by Company results, ie products or services.

Technology may or may not be incorporated into physical assets or capital goods, basic materials, intermediate raw materials or components, etc.
In that sense, technology for the concept of hardware.

The technology is not built on people (such as technicians, experts, specialists, engineers, etc..) Low forms of intellectual knowledge or operational manual or mental facility to carry out operations or documents that recorded and observed to
to ensure its preservation and transmission (such as maps, plans, designs, projects, etc.).


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