News of the Day

According to announcement Anonymous internet through social networking site Facebook will be destroyed on November 5.

Broadcast video translated into several languages ​​and an artificial voice maskedanticipating the actions of November 5. The group of Anonymus Internet activists launched a call over the Internet to boycottthe social network Facebook. In a video translated into several languages ​​with an artificial voice and a subject-masked, explained the reason for "Operation Facebook."

"We are tired of being stolen information from people and sell them to powerful menlike pieces of paper", refers to the character. Details that the group knows of "panic" programmers social network that brings together some 750 million people to ensure the smooth operation of your site. Without explaining how they will take action, report that the attack will be on 5November and what they claim is that Facebook will cease to exist forever. For a few moments on Monday, # opFacebook the hashtag used to identify conversations about this movement on Twitter, is a worldwide trend covnirtió.

Gmail comes standard with three characteristics of labs and removes a.

Today we’re excited to graduate three more features from the experimental testing ground of Gmail Labs. Superstars, Nested Labels, and Advanced IMAP Controls are now first-class citizens in the Gmail world, thanks largely to your feedback. We’re also retiring the Google Search box lab which was redundant with the “Search the Web” button that’s already in Gmail.

Superstars, one of the most popular Labs features, provides different types of stars in addition to Gmail’s basic one. You can assign a certain star to special conversations and use another as a visual reminder that you need to follow-up on a message later. You can now choose your own set of stars from Settings:

Once you’ve done that, the stars will rotate with each consecutive click on the star icon.

Nested Labels

Labels are a great way of organizing your email; nested labels give you the ability to organize labels hierarchically. Starting today, nested labels are enabled for everyone along with a couple of small improvements such as a sticky collapse/expand state and better editing options.

To start using them, you can either create a new sub-label from the dropdown menu on the left hand side or just move an existing label under another one using the edit option:

Advanced IMAP Controls
This Labs feature provided a very useful set of advanced controls for those of you who access Gmail through IMAP clients (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, or your iPhone’s native mail app). Now it’s easier to take advantage of features like syncing only selected labels or limiting the folder size limit to improve your IMAP experience.

True to the original spirit of Gmail Labs, we’ll continue to add new features, graduate some, and retire others, so keep trying them out and sending us your feedback.

Two days of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube
YouTube has served six years. If, in the Internet age in which every day we have a lot of information even more time passes quickly, and we have many examples of this. In these six years the popular video website has not stopped growing and perhaps the figures that manage to surprise us daily on YouTube more than one. 

Celebrating the sixth anniversary of the YouTube guys have decided to give a series of interesting data at the same time surprising. The first of the data they give us is Queca minute video uploaded two days, twice last year. What can we do in two days? Lots of things depends on our will, but we put some examples: take the car across the United States from coast to coast and see eight times the Trilogy Back to the Future.

The second fact that we offer, equally striking is an increase of visualizations that have had a day and during the last weekend amounted to 3000 million views a day, a 50% increase over last year. This is equivalent to half the world's people saw a video on YouTube daily.
And it is clear that this is not enough for the Google Video site and are therefore working for some time on new services, rents and offering more services to users. How far can they go? That is something that only time will answer, probably the founders of YouTube back in May 2005 even thought that his creation could become what it is today.