Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cell History

Cell History
We can say that history is brief but intense cell.
While the first call was made from this small wonder (although at that time was not so small) was the April 3, 1973 and who made who patented the invention was MartinCooper was business manager for Motorola systems, the studies to reach what we know today have been conducted for some decades earlier.

26 years ago and launching the first model cell phone, the DynaTAC 8000x Motorola - known as the "Brick. "

The first phones were almost incomprehensible due to the high cost that they were alsovery uncomfortable, weighing almost a kilo!! And the battery lasted less than an hour.
Today almost half the planet has one, over 80% of the population has access to mobile networks in 2008 sold more than one billion units. It is the most requested gift for theholidays or birthdays.

The models are varied and not only function as cell, but that must be met according toschedule, camera and video, some serve to chat and not to mention text messages.

Of course this created a dependency, nobody goes out without his cell phone and certainly not left out of study of psychologists, sociologists and other professionals from many branches.


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