Thursday, May 5, 2011

Internet history (part 1).

Internet history (part 1).

The Cold War Ruled the World, the United States Should Be Informed about themovements of the Soviet Union, ran the 60's and Telecom WAS Beginning to Develop.Utmost Importance Of

Knowledge That Was the moving parts Would the Kremlin,American spies Were Scattered Throughout the World and the Need to create anetwork Decentralized necesidad.En Became to the U.S. 1965 DARPA (defenseadvanced Research Projects Agency - Defense Research Projects Agency) Promotesa study on "cooperative network of time-sharing computers. In 1969, DARPA, with therand Corporation company Developed Without a central network nodes based onpacket switching. The information is Divided Into Each packet contains packets and theaddress of origin, destination, sequence number and Some information.

Packets toreach the destination is sorted by sequence number and got together to Give Rise toinformation. When traveling-through the network, more Difficult to lose WAS data, if aparticular package Because Did not Reach the destination or arrive defective, thecomputer Should Receive the information just HAD to ask the computer sending thepackage WAS missing. The communications protocol Called NCP (Network Control Protocol).
This network united in Principle only a small number of computers and darpanetcalled, But in 1972 it changed name to stis ARPANET, when connected to forty nodes.


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